1. Easy web-interface with admin and operator roles
  2. Fully customized page for each device by template mechanism
  3. Map of racks, devices and their sensors. Plus temperature map.
  4. Realtime "long-life" statuses with hierarchy
  5. Connectivity diagrams per link type (LAN, POWER, etc)
  6. Small info/doc system for service works
  7. Reports to get aggregate information
  8. QR-codes to quick info and transfer device between racks
  9. History tools
  10. Custom pages for special cases
  11. Tags for grouping
  12. Support protocols: snmp v1, v2c, modbus-tcp, http via remote agents by crypt channel
  13. Remote set of device parameters (e.g. switch relay)
  14. Alerts by email and sms (via external application)
  15. Quick search
  16. Export-import
  17. Video surveillance (require ffmpeg)
  18. i18n
  19. ... and more!

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