Cicada (started as Chupacabra) is a lightweight network monitoring with auto-discovery tool and alerting.
Supported protocols: ICMP (ping), SNMP v1/2c/3, Modbus TCP, IPMI, WMI and http (plain-text, json, xml).
Also you can polling Check-MK, Munin and Zabbix agents and check TCP/UDP ports.

Cross-platform, open source, extendable, free.


  1. Polling device by any supported protocols
  2. Individual and group check
  3. Check threshold values
  4. Auto-dashboard based on tags
  5. Calculated and temporary varbinds
  6. Online statuses and charts on device page
  7. Extreme compact storage of history data (2-4Byte per numeric value)
  8. Templates to create copy in one click
  9. Auto-discovery tool
  10. Notify on new device in network
  11. Flexible mechanism of alert messages
  12. Alert management
  13. and MORE!


  1. The software requirements: Node.js and nmap.
  2. git clone --depth=1
  3. Run to install application
    npm i
  4. Run Cicada
    node app
  5. Go to browser and open

Visit our Wiki or demo to learn more.